Red Headed Rebel

Hello everyone!

In this first post, I would like to take the time and introduce myself. My name is Angela Jones and I am a 29 year old Fashion Marketing major at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  Yes, it took me a long time to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I wasted almost 10 years with a guy who broke my spirit and I completely lost who I was. The only positive thing to come of that relationship was my amazing son, Mason. Once Mason started preschool, I decided it was time for me to do something with my life. It took a while, but thanks to the support and patience of my husband, I have finally found myself again.

Today, I love to experiment with all things fashion & beauty related. As cliche as it sounds, fashion truly is my passion. Not just going shopping for all the latest trends, but learning how the industry works. To be the girl behind the scenes, deciding what is going to be hot next year, picking all the colors of the season, collaborating with the designers on private labels, and watching it all come together! I cannot wait to be a part of that world.

Fashion is subjective, and I don’t think I could narrow my style down to any one category. The way I dress, depends on my mood. I don’t always follow the latest trends. Shoes are my favorite part of any outfit. I am quite short, at 5’1” so heels are my best friend. Unless it is winter and the ground is slushy, I rarely wear flats. Odd enough I don’t own a single pair of tennis shoes. (Besides my converse shoes that I use for working out) I am probably the only girl across the globe who hasn’t fallen into the athleisure trend.

Throughout my blog I will be posting into several categories including: beauty, fashion, fun photography, and some travel (when I actually get a chance to go somewhere). Please follow and stay tuned to hear more about my personal style, tips & advice, and most importantly, collaborations with some great fashionistas that I know.

Fun Fact:

My nick name came from my husband, Josh, who has always called me his “red headed rebel” since the day we met.

2 comments on “Red Headed Rebel

  1. Mom says:

    This is awesome! So proud of you. You have come so far!! Special thanks to Josh and Mason for being the most important people in your life and giving you this wonderful inspiration! Love you so very much!! Mom😀👍

    Liked by 1 person

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