What to Wear: Sunday Weddings

Sunday weddings are not that common. When I  saw that my friends wedding date was scheduled for Sunday, I immediately felt a little bummed. That sounds selfish of me, however, I couldn’t help but think the vibe would just be very laid back. Not up beat like a Friday or Saturday wedding. Returning to the work week on Monday leaves guests not wanting to celebrate until the wee hours of the morning.

Despite feeling glum that I couldn’t dance the night away, I immediately turned my attention to “what am I going to wear for a Sunday wedding?” Dressing a little more conservative, yet still chic seemed the right way to go.  I worried about the weather since the wedding was at the end of January. Being in Pittsburgh, it could go either way. We could have 10 inches of snow on the ground, or it could be a sunny 50 degree day. Luckily for the couple, it turned out to be the latter. The weather was perfect, sunny and in the mid 60s.


A sleek pencil skirt always looks sophisticated, and its Sunday appropriate. This beautiful blush tone skirt  is from Forever21.com. I don’t always like to shop at Forever21. For starters, I am at the very end of my 20’s and don’t want to seem like I’m trying too hard to look trendy. Also, the quality of their clothing has not always impressed me. This skirt was surprising. The quality is quite nice. It is thick and stretchy and it doesn’t show any wrinkles. I did need to have 5 inches hemmed from it though, since I’m only 5’1″.

Now, what should be paired with the pencil skirt? A bodysuit is the perfect fit. Going along with the sleek lines of the skirt, a bodysuit keeps this outfit slim fitting and shows off my curves. I purchased the sequin long sleeve body suit from CharlotteRusse.com The nude and rose gold compliments the blush skirt impeccably.

Accessories add the finishing touches. Layering necklaces has been in for a few seasons now. At first I was only going to wear the gold dangling pendant. I am so glad I added the choker as well. I love the earrings that are layered from behind, they give off a touch of class. My purse is from DSW and is a few years old. I love how the gold chain and nude quilting tie the whole look together. As for my shoes….well….I could have done better. I didn’t want to buy a new pair of shoes, and I had these laying around from when my brother got married. They were the right shade, so I made it work.

Even though I was a little disappointed that the wedding was on a Sunday, we had a great time. This day was not about me. At the ceremony we learned the reason for the Sunday wedding was because the couples 10 year anniversary was on that exact day. How special!


3 comments on “What to Wear: Sunday Weddings

  1. quinncove says:

    This colour is so perfect on you!


  2. Mary Ann says:

    Another great blog post, Angela. You looked great and your friends’ wedding looked awesome!


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